About Us

The Problem
Pig farmers invest their resources to produce slaughter pigs, weaner piglets and breeding pigs on an ongoing basis. They then struggle to find a market for their pigs.

The Solution
www.pigsforsale.co.za helps pig farmers to sell their pigs online at the comfort of their farms. This website has been attracting South African pig buyers since it was created in 2020 and continues to be a reliable source for pig farmers to sell their pigs.

It cost R100 per year (365 days) to sell pigs on the website www.pigsforsale.co.za.

How to create pig listings

1. Register
A pig farmer has to create a profile/account first with username and password. https://www.pigsforsale.co.za/register/

2. Login
Then you can login with username and password to add listings.

3. Create Listings
You can only add new listings, after logging-in.