How to trade in pigs/pork without being a farmer

We can’t all be farmers in order to trade in pigs or pork. We already have a thriving community of piggeries throughout the country...producing slaughter pigs and weaner piglets weekly.There is a massive gap of sourcing live pigs directly from piggeries for processing. Processing comes in different formats...such as slaughter and slicing pork carcasses into portions for reselling. Or wholesaling, where you slaughter, cut into portions and package into small portions to supply resellers.

Become A Pigs Broker

You can buy pigs directly from pig farmers and resell them at a markup. The scope is wide open on what you prefer to focus on:1. Breeding stock - here you would be buying pigs to be used at running a pig farm. You’ll need to buy good genetic stock that includes weaners, gilts, sows and boars. You’ll be selling such pigs to pig farmers wanting to start a pig farm or existing pig farms.

2. Weaner piglets - As you can see on the website, weaner pi…

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